Work with me

How do I manage to fund my travel without a job?

I do not want to sugar-coat this for you. I have my savings (courtesy a job I once had) and I am using that money to travel. However, in order to sustain myself, I am always on a lookout for some interesting work.

What kind of assignments I work on?

I take up freelance projects in order to make some money on the road. I am a writer, researcher and I love field work- Thanks to my journalism and NGO experience.

I am always looking for meaningful assignments and value my work. I know how to balance the content and craft in terms of writing assignments.

Currently, I am working on a documentary on Dance Movement Therapy. I am scripting the documentary and working with some of the most prestigious non-profits of India.

Having worked with the media, I do respect deadlines. Hence, I give my 100 % to all the projects that I take up. It may sound cliché but I am passionate about whatever I do. The work needs to be challenging and interesting. I am game for anything and everything.

If you think I am following a life I always wanted, fulfilling my dream at the same time you think I can add value to the work you are doing, you may contact me on

I would be happy to hear from you.


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