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It’s one of those days where I want to play low-key and not make any plans, a reason why I had switched off my phone for a bit. You know, in the past, this Hobo has travelled without technology and loved this experiment. I am an extrovert who loves her space and equally loves her “Me Time.” Usually, I am always high on energy. But truth be told, what chargers me up is – A little bit of checking-in, taking a pause, being grateful for what I have or simply set off to travel and explore.

This exploration is not a fancy vacay, but a frugal unplanned trip. I prefer not to book my accommodation in advance and that often raises eyebrows. I am a girl from India, travelling to remote parts within India all by myself. Having lived with strangers, I came to a conclusion that people are nice and that Safety is a mindset. At 21, I started my travels with volunteering and loved what I learnt from those experiences. 

Why would I not want to see life from a different pespective?
Location Pune: Enjoying the village life without romanticising it.

Now, you may feel this Hobo here is blowing her own trumpet. What you are missing here is the fact that I am sharing parts of my life and vulnerabilities with you only because I understand what it is to be on the other side of the spectrum.

Society, you crazy breed!

I get asked a lot on how my parents react to this. Truth be told, there are certain things I tell my parents and there are certain things they do not get to know. I understand their concerns because from where they are coming from, they are correct. I try to strike a balance. Most parents across the globe are initially concerned about their children travelling, having little connectivity or not getting the food that they are used to eating. This is a universal phenomenon! Maybe, in India, since we tend to be more emotional than straightforward, it gets difficult to negotiate, confront or come to a logical conclusion.

However, this should not stop us from doing things that we really want to do. Being individualistic, following our dreams and working towards them does not make us selfish. In fact, not being able to do things we love, because someone else does not approve of them, o r because we think “Log Kya Kehengain (What will people think) is where the problem lies. There is also this other factor of insecurity that crops in.

Society and its structure have always taught us to lead a secure life. However, when we challenge some of the notions that we grew up with, it gets confusing for the mind. Having been on both ends of the spectrum, of quitting my job for travel and then saying yes to a full-time job, I totally get this feeling of uncertainty.


  Pic Location: Bihar.

Because there are all kinds of people in this world

The other day, at work, we were having this discussion about how travel bloggers just want to blow their trumpet and talk about the most amazing places they have been to. They were right from where they came from, but that was only one perspective of the multiple perspectives travel bloggers are looked at. It’s the generalisation that worries me and perhaps I was being defensive or taking one for the team.

The way every second person is travelling has made travel a commodity. This is being used for advertising and marketing. However, if the advertiser is doing so, YOU as a buyer should be smart enough and choose which side you want to be. There are all kinds of people in this world, you can’t change them all, what you can definitely do is change the way you look at things.

Someone even told me – What’s the point of me quitting my job because ultimately I was back to the 9-5 life. I kept mum. I really felt like telling her – You, do not know anything about my life story, what I am doing and why am I doing, so shut the fuck up! However, it wasn’t the right time to say this. I did not feel the need to give an explanation of where I was coming from.  She too was entitled to her opinion.

Not everyone knows what goes behind leading a certain kind of lifestyle and giving up on things only because it fits into your larger scheme of things. At this very moment, I feel the urge to pick up my backpack and set off to a place. This itchy feet feeling is a reason why I am expressing right now through this blog post!

While I shall let this instant gratification monkey to settle-in, I would just end it by saying, be your own authentic self. Do what you love, love what you do with the people you love.

Also, please do tell me if you enjoyed reading this post or would want to know anything more. I am all ears : D

On the side, I know I shall be going for a small vacation in June. By then, I will have completed 31 years of existence on this planet. 🙂

Old Picture. Because, Nostalgia is a memory for keeps
Old Picture. Because nostalgia is a memory for keeps.



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