One of the biggest dilemmas we all face while traveling  is what to pack and how to pack! You do not want to take too much luggage around and do not want to fall short on stuff!

When I initially started travelling, it was difficult to get over-  I need to carry a lot of clothes!  I always asked myself -Would I need the pretty little black dress? What if I extend my trip and do not have enough clothes!

I think over the years, I have evolved as a traveller and have moved beyond the clothes. However, I HATE to pack. I am a last-minute packer. I would rather carry the bare minimum and travel light.

The must carry clothes in your backpack

In terms of clothes, I always carry a black/blue jeans and black leggings.They seem to go with almost everything and one can never make out even when they get dirty! A good pair of shoes, socks, bathroom slippers, is a must.


How my backpack became a backpack- The backstory

I love it how certain things in my life have interesting back-stories and I love talking about them. Well, I had quit my job for a fellowship and  I would have been on the go for six-months. However, it was ironical as I was not able to travel at all!

My last day at work and my farewell present were  eventful. Read below how!

a) I was blindfolded.

b) And taken in a cab (being blindfolded) for a good 45 minutes to have the local Maharashtrian food.

Bizarre right! My friends got a cab driver who was with them in the plan and did not take the name of the location where I was being taken! I was told I got a lot of stares, some people even thought I got hurt in the eye 😛 Not surprising!

The entire process was another adventure and I LOVED it completely.  I was restless, and was asking a lot of questions like a child (Oh! I am such a child) and wanted to see the view from the window 😛

Ah, and now coming to my farewell present that my super awesome work friends and my best friend gave me. It was the most thoughtful and the best gift ever!

My survival kit for travel

My survival kit for travel

A list of things gifted to me that became my backpack!

  • A first -aid box. You do not want to fall sick!
  • An organizer bag for all the miscellaneous stuff which is easy to get scattered.
  • A torch. The times when there isn’t any electricity.
  • A sewing kit. (I am so clumsy, I cannot tell you the number of times I have torn my clothes 😛 And yes, my friends know that about me!)
  • Different kinds of sanitary napkins.
  • A jhoola bag. (Always keep an extra bag for the shopping or emergency purposes. ALWAYS)
  • Disposal panties. (The best invention ever! If you run out of water, want to extend your days, count these in. )
  • A pepper-spray. I have never used this one, but safety comes first.
  • Swiss knife. For safety purposes. (Again, India is safer, than you imagine, have never used this. Also, never explored the other purposes of the awesome swiss knife!)
  • A diary. I always need it around me to write travel related thoughts.
  • A mug for the hot cuppa coffee or a chai.
  • Lots of Warli paper bags. Only because I love the art.
  • A bedsheet- What if you have unclean sheets that you get from your hotel.( Backpackers face this often!)
  • Sleeping Bag! What is my life without you 😀
  • Hand sanitiser- Always
  • Apart from this, in case if you are thinking to travel often, I would suggest buying a tent will be a good option.

These are some of the things I make sure I have in my backpack. I like to keep it simple and do not carry too many gadgets or fancy travel items. That apart, a camera is a must! That is in case you are the kinds who wants to click pictures while traveling.

I am also thinking to invest in an electric kettle This way, I will drink lots of hot water to cleanse myself from the food eaten.  Yes, I will also carry a Yoga mat as I need to be fit!

For someone on the go, a backpack can sort off a home/wardrobe and should never be messed up with. Ever!

So, what is in YOUR backpack, Dear fellow traveller?



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