Five travel words beyond wanderlust

I know I said I am a big fan of my country and I will write about things I love about India.

But then, travel has no language and to talk about the common language of travel, I asked people from different countries who have traveled extensively to India, fallen in love with the country about the travel words they totally relate with.

Read on to know a little more about them and the travel words from their countries.

Jonathan1)Jonathan Strömberg

From: Sweden

Travel word from Sweden: Resfeber. (Swedish)

Meaning: The restlessness of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins.It is filled with anxiety and anticipation that can manifest as illness.

About Jonathan: I met Jonathan at my previous workplace where he did his internship. Born and raised in west Sweden, he is now living in Stockholm, studying a master in human rights. He loves to travel and favorite destination will always be India. He loves the country  because he believes India  is a place of genuine beauty. He thinks it is  the only place  where people are laid back and they are not constantly running around. In India he has traveled to  Goa, Kerala, Leh, Allahabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Varanasi, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Rishikesh. His next trip is to Pondicherry. Of all the places he visited, he fell in love with Leh.

 Mehrnoush Jalil2)Mehrnoush Jalil

 From: Iran

Travel word from Iran : جهانگرد (Persian)

Meaning: Someone who goes on a trip with no exact goal. 

About her : I met Mehrnoush  in the backpacker’s hostel I stayed in Delhi where she was my roommate. She is in India to discover herself. A photographer by profession, she is fascinated by the colours of India. She is a person who loves to travel around the world and explore different cultures.

Photos from many of her travels

                                                                                 3)Alexandra BîrlădianuAlexandra

From: Romania

Travel word from Romania:  dor de ducă (Romanian ) 

Meaning : The longing to go away.

About her:  I met Alex at my previous workplace. She is living her life one dream at a time. Is a  casual writer, book lover, travel addict, foodie, advocate for STEM education… for now in Mumbai 🙂

From: She was born in Romania but has lived in Ghana, India, Belgium and Switzerland.

Her love affair with India began when she lived for about a year in New Delhi in 2010/2011… thought to give it another shot so she came to live in Mumbai . Currently she is doing an iCats fellowship with Aangan Trust 🙂 She loves Indian food. (Ate almost only butter chicken for a month in February and her  new fixation is the cheese dosa with the coconut chutney… and of course the dahi sev puri!)

In India, her favourite destinations are  Khajuraho, Amritsar, Udaipur and Varanasi.

Photos from many of her travels:                                                                                                                                          

                                                                                4)Ezgi Ertürk

 From: TurkeyIMG_20151022_203736

 Travel word from Turkey : Hoş geldiniz (Turkish)

 Meaning: Your arrival is lovely. It is said to make a visitor feel  at home. 

 About her: She was the first person I interacted with in the  backpackers hostel and was my roomate. She was one of the few who took me to the hospital in Delhi when I fracture my foot. (You can read what happened to me in Delhi here) I cannot thank her enough for that. She is a great fan of Bollywood music and loves the song Gulabi aankhein jo teri dekhi, sharabi yeh deil ho gaya. We sang this song together a lot of times and I shared the lyrics with her! Ezgi has studied architecture and she is passionate about design. She loves India and would want to come back here!

Photos from many of her travels

5) Alisa Duben IMG_20151022_204418

From: Germany

Travel word: Waldeinsamkeit (Germany)           

Meaning: The feeling of being alone in the woods                                                                                                    

About her: I met her also in the backpackers hostel but did not get a chance to interact much. Alisa has studied psychology and like every German, she loves her beer!  She has traveled extensively in the north to places such as Rishekesh and the dessert. In south, she has been to Kanyakumari and also traveled to Goa.

Photos of many of her travel

I hope you liked reading about different travel words from these five countries. What are the travel words from your country? Would you like to share them with the hobo?

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  • corinnevail

    I love these words! I love languages and finding out new words, especially travel related makes me happy, happy, happy inside!

  • nostalgichobo

    Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this post 🙂 I am glad you liked the travel words. Which part of the world are you from and which travel-word do you like? Would love to write about the same 🙂

  • Eloise

    That’s an original and fun article idea!! 😀 Well done for putting this together!

    • nostalgichobo

      Hey there! I am glad you liked it 😀 Which part of the world are you from and what is our travel word?

  • Natasha

    Looks like you have met a lot of amazing people from all over this world! Did you have this idea from the beginning or have you stayed in touch with everyone and gathered their travel words after you met?

    • nostalgichobo

      Hey Natasha! Thanks for dropping by and taking out time you read the post. 🙂 I have always been curious on why people love to come to India and travel. So the post was a result of my curiosity.
      I have stayed in touch with everyone and gathered their travel words after I met them.

  • Alouise

    I love this. I’ve definitely experienced all of these words at some point on my travels.

    • nostalgichobo

      Thank you Alousie 🙂 That’s what travel does to us!

  • carolcolborn

    Reminds me of my passion for travel and of its universality as one.

    • nostalgichobo

      Thanks so much for the kind words 🙂 What is your travel word?

  • trippintwins

    This was a great post! Unique and informative!


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