I quit my job for a fellowship that would have allowed me to travel. Ironically, now I cannot travel. Well not by choice, but by accident. Pun intended. You will know the pun shortly.

Life is funny. Meh.

Humor is the only way to deal with it.  Bah.

The random ramblings.

I never plan things in my life. Good things(or bad) happen to me by accident.  I quit my  job on July 30,  this year for a super cool fellowship that allowed me to travel to  interiors of the country. It was a six- month travel fellowship where I would  constantly be on the go! What else would one want?

I left Mumbai to relocate to Delhi where “office” was located.  Delhi would have been my base for a week, while the rest of the time, I would have been on the go.

I experienced  a week of living in a backpackers hostel- The hosteller where I made friends with people from different countries such as Germany, Iran, Egypt. I was exploring Hauz Khas Village, where I had a Bhutanese meal at this super awesome place Yeti and I happened to eavesdrop into a conversation of a girl and a guy on their first date. It is fun when you are sitting at a table alone and you can sneak-peek into other people’s conversations! I explored Kunzum travel cafe at Hauz Khas Village a place to just be, meet fellow travelers and pay whatever you like for the coffee or tea.

I had just began to explore Delhi solo, and I meet with an accident while I was walking on the road, at Haus Khas village, a car tyre ran over my foot and I fractured it. Luckily, I was with people from The Hosteller who took me to a hospital for first aid. The guy who ran over his car on me, ran away! And now, I am back to Mumbai and cannot travel.

I am restless. Once you get the itchy feet syndrome, you cannot help it. I cannot wait to pack my bag and just leave!

Because the antidote to travel is travel.

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