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How it all started

I am sitting at the windowpane of my balcony. With a steaming hot cuppa filter cappi, music tripping and the pattering of rain. I am reminiscing about the good times I have had while traveling.

I discovered my independent streak, the go with the flow kinds, coming out of my comfort zone, trusting strangers, talking to people around, doing absolutely nothing, gazing at the stars, seeing the waves pass, seeing the sunset at a rock, from making elaborate travel plans to turning up unplanned at a destination, to traveling minimalist, I have a set of good tags, I can associate myself with.

 There is a long way to go
There is a long way to go

Hello friend, hello Pondicherry!

Four years ago, in the month of September, a friend was set to get married. She was my first friend who was to tie the knot and I, for one did not want to miss it. However, work did not allow me to take many leaves at that time. I was into my first job and was a classic minion. She lured me with the idea that I could visit Pondicherry, which was closer from Chennai, where the wedding was to take place. Three days at the wedding and maybe a weekend to Pondicherry? I booked my tickets to Chennai for a week and decided, I would go with the flow.

My first flight with my own money.Getting the window seat was my only aim back then!
My first flight with my own money.Getting the window seat was my only aim back then!

I wanted to break away from the monotony. Back then, I did not know what travel would do to me. The plan of traveling with my friends never worked  with one or the other excuse always handy. Eventually, everyone got consumed with work. Fed up of putting travel to a backseat, I decided to take the plunge.
The wedding was a sweet affair and it was the first south Indian wedding I attended closely. Post the wedding, my friend asked me- So what is your plan now? I surely did not have ! A few relatives asked me, so which hotel would you be staying at? I hope you have made reservations. One of them said, “Madam- It is a weekend. All resorts will be booked. Are you sure you want to take a risk?”  I just smiled.

(You can read about it here -

Present time

Cut to the present time. All the jobs that I chose, were never the typical desk jobs. From being on the field, to traveling to remote areas, most of them were somewhere associated with travel.

View from the Panhala Fort, Kolhapur : During one of my work trips
View from the Panhala Fort, Kolhapur : During one of my work trip

I recently quit my job to take up a fellowship and sort of relocate to Delhi. The fellowship would have allowed me to travel to remote areas and take technology to grassroots. However, within a week of my fellowship when I was still in the orientation stage, I met with an accident in Delhi and fractured my foot. And bam! I came back to Mumbai to let my foot recover. And this is how Nostalgic Hobo evolved.

I would say, it took a fractured foot to get started to write about my travel experiences!

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