Hello, July!

We are in the middle of 2016. How did the last six months fly? What did I do and not do in the last six months that made a difference to me or people around me?

We often have a mid-term review at our workplace. Something which we can’t escape from.

However,  when it comes to self and a little bit introspection, we tend to run away from it. This year, I decided to spend more time on things that I always wanted to do. I also decided that every year, I will pick a new skill and work on it. I could manage to achieve somethings. A pat on my back for that. I also realised that we often tend to be harsh on ourselves. Look things happen when they have to happen. Sometimes, the best of your work may not pan out as you hoped it would.

A course on personal counselling that helped me take the plunge 

I was a part of a two-month course on personal counselling based on the model of Robert Carkhuff. The course talks about self-exploration, self-understanding which finally leads one to action.

Honestly, I was stuck  and could not choose between going back to a full-time job or try to create my niche with freelance work. I needed the money to be able to travel which obviously a job would have given me. However, if I took up a job, I would not be able to travel as I wanted to. The entire idea to quit my job was to lead an experimental life and not be dependent on money as a source of happiness. Life is more than that, isn’t it?

There was self-doubt and I did not know where to start picking up the pieces together. In all of this, my writing suffered. I was neither here, nor there and this in-between feeling sucked. I know some of you will relate to this situation.

I had done this course thinking, I will become a certified counsellor. Little did I know the self-exploration process would lead to action and I would be able to pave a way ahead. As far as getting work is concerned, I am happy to announce that I am working on a documentary which is a UNICEF project! I am happy to be associated with esteemed organisations. However, for some time my travels have come to a halt.

My travel plans for the next three months 

For the next three months, I am in Mumbai apart from the impulsive or small trips that I will take. During this time, I will be exploring my own city. The idea is to travel within the city. Who said travel is expensive.  How much of your city have you experienced?

You know when you are on a trek and don’t know when you will reach the peak? You still keep moving. Why? For the view and to check your endurance levels?

Life too is like that. These may be uncertain days, but I know, once I arrive, I will be fine.  Until then, I have to keep walking.

2 thoughts to “A mid-term review of self : Beyond Travel

  • Maitreyi

    Things I will say to you online (cause in person is too mushy) – 1. I am so proud of you!! For so many things!! For becoming this person you are now and always growing, for being so open to everything and everyone! For being so empathetic to everything and everyone! For working on yourself! And all the usual stuff like hard working, good at your work and blah blah blah 😀 2. This plan and review sounds amazing!! I should do it too! You need to help me with it (I will not know where to start!). 3. Bottomline – You are freaking amazing!!! Love you! 😀 – Your no.1 supporter!! :*

  • Deepti Khera

    Awwww. This is the best thing I heard in so many days! It brought a big smile to my face 🙂
    I love you to the moon and back 😀 This really encourages and motivates me!Lets meet and do this. Love, love, love <3


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