Thats how our lugguage was kept at Jagriti Yatra





Meaning: A procession or pilgrimage, especially one with a religious purpose- Powered by the Oxford Dictionary.    

Perhaps, the Oxford dictionary got the meaning of Yatra wrong. Eventually, you will know why.

Exactly a month before, I got an opportunity to travel in one of the most bizarre ways! It has been a fortnight that I am back to my “normal” life. At times, when I am sleeping on my bed and have all the comforts around me, getting up in the morning hasn’t been the same.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I am up- Why is my bed not moving?! Why is it so peaceful around me.  Why do I not hear people shouting Chai Chai? (Tea, tea).

Why do I NOT hear the sound of a moving train! I sound like a retard eh?

That is a glimpse of the madness!
This is a glimpse of the madness!

If this was not enough, I do not have a sleeping bag with me where I am nicely tucked in, nor can I wake up my cohort with singing random songs. (I used to also open the sleeping bags of my cohort, put my cold hands on their face- that was the only way some of them would wake up! Oh and I was a facilitator, responsible for ensuring 5 people in my cohort were up and ready on time. Apart from easing the process of living on a train for 15 days!)

Sneak peek through a window. Eh?

Sneak peek through a window. Eh?

Why do I not have to take out clothes from my backpack? Why do I not have to queue up and listen to ladies yelling for half a bucket of water and squish their way to the bathroom- In a moving train.

Dear fellow traveller- Ever had a bath with half a bucket of cold water in winters when the temperature is perhaps 3 degrees? Would you want to try that? In a moving train? For 15 days? 

You should!

Where was I experiencing this?

All of my things are in place. In my Almira. It is not chaotic anymore. More so, I have my people around me.  Most importantly, I can charge my phone whenever I want to, I have all the necessities and comforts of my life.

Well. That is what I felt when I was back from Jagriti Yatra. These are not the only thing I felt. At the surface, yes these thoughts do not leave my mind.

A few more posts will talk about what I encountered, observed and experienced.

What is Jagriti Yatra all about?

Quotable quotes from Jagriti Yatra talk about a few things I experienced during the journey. In short, it is a 15-day train journey, which traverses through the interiors of the rural, rustic India that most of us may not have experienced.

What sets this train journey apart?

The way the journey is designed is unique. Imagine living in a train for 15 days. If that wasn’t enough, you have 470 odd people around you. Talk to any person around you and hear their life journey and you will learn and unlearn.

If you want to come out of your comfort zone, this hobo would recommend go be a part of Jagriti Yatra.

The fun, learning and the unlearning.
The fun, learning and the unlearning.

 How I came out of my comfort zone? 

I am a backpacker. I travel inexpensively. I love trains as much as I dislike taking flights. I thought this would be easy. Ha! Little did I know, I would struggle. Travelling with so many people was a challenge. For me, this was ironic. In reality, I am a people’s person.

Not the train, bathrooms, washrooms, or the places which I was taken to seemed difficult. Nor staying overnight in a village was a daunting task.

I learned new things about myself. Whenever, I have travelled, I have either travelled solo or I have travelled with a small group.

I love my space. Especially when I am travelling. Here, I had so many people around me! More than 500!

I wanted to run away. Be alone and embrace the silence. Taking time out for myself was difficult for the first few days. Soon, I embraced the chaos and the people around me. It just happens.

Outwardly, I may not have sounded a person to have “adjustment issues.” In my head, it was chaotic. I survived the chaos and I can say I survived it beautifully.

Happy me!
Hubli- The first stop of the train!
Happy me! Oh yes. I loved coming out of my comfort zone. Something I did not even know I would dislike.

Chaos :  When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. Source: Chaos theory)

This is the beauty of Jagriti Yatra, its people-the Yatris, the journey learning and unlearning through chaos.

Perhaps, the Oxford dictionary may have to change the meaning of the word Yatra!

My biggest take away from the Yatra? Discipline. Nothing in the real world works without it.

The end? To a new beginning.

The end? To a new beginning!

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