It has been a while I wrote on my travels, perspectives and things the road taught me. I am guilty of disappearing and it won’t be fair on my part to give any excuse.

Last six months of 2016, were back to back travels filled with many new learnings. Some of them were related to working in the interiors of the country, others were travels that fueled the soul.


This also reminds me that it has been 18 months of “quitting my job”Ā  I am trying to lead a life where I can see a different world that co-exists in the same world that we all live in.

However, honestly, there is no such thing called quitting a job and travelling the world!

Most people who do that, have either saved up from the job they once had, or work on the go. Others like me, try to balance work and travel. It is also completely alright to have a 9-5 job and travel. To each its own, really.

There have been times when IĀ  disliked the uncertainty. There were times I broke down and did not see a road ahead. Travel taught me to embrace it all. If I can survive, so can you. You may say – But I am not you. Well, you don’t have to be me. Be you. Just be.

Honestly, when I took the leap of faith in August 2015 and quit my job, things did not go as per plan. I fractured my foot and could not travel. I had quit my job for a travel fellowship. I had no job, no money and could not even travel for a while.

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IĀ  could survive because I reached out to people who were leading a similar path like I was.

I won’t say the road has been easy, but it hasn’t been that bad either.

Below I talk about few things that helped me in leading a life of travel.

How to travel? Just do it

Working on your skill set

Pick one or two skills that you think you are best at. For instance, if you think photography is your skill, work on that and nothing else. If you think, adventure is something you would want to venture into, pick that and nothing else. One may also combine two skills and work on it. For instance, I like to connect social work and travel.

Getting that one big project

Aim at getting one good project a year. It could help you sustain financially for a couple of months. It may also add to your resume. Eventually, that one big project will fetch you more projects.

Finding work that is aligned to your ideologies

This may work for people who have quit their jobs and who defy the norms. There is interesting work happening all around you. Look it up, reach out to the right people.

Working on a couple of projects

Depending on your working style you may juggle with a couple of projects. I personally do not like to be dependent on just one project. For instance, I like to multi-task. I like when I have more work to do. However, at times it is difficult for me to juggle it all.Ā  You can plan how much money you need and how will you get that money from different projects.

Plan, please do

One thing that I need to work on is planning. I am the kind of person who can pick her bag and leave tomorrow. While I like that, I think over the 18 months I realised, if I booked tickets in advance during cheap deals and air sales, I could have saved up money. Not only that, I would have had my travel calendar ready. Accordingly, I can take up assignments and work to keep the ball rolling.

This year, I will plan, take up assignments accordingly to keep the ball rolling.

Explore your own backyard

Travel does not always have to be exotic locations. It could also be seeing your city as a tourist, traveller. When it times, you are worked up and thinking where will the money come from, how about exploring your own backyard?


Exloring my own backyard, Mumbai
Exploring my own backyard, Mumbai

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Define your needs and wants

Only you know best what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. Plan your work accordingly. Personally, I have cut down on my unwanted expenses. I asked myself if I needed a dress from a good brand or would I want to travel over the weekend? I would get the answer and knew I wanted to travel. But hey, you have to be alright with making the choices. Another thing that can help is you can define your own sustainability. How much is the minimum you need to make and over and above that.

All of this boils down to the liabilities and responsibilities that you have.

Negotiation skills

Do not ever think that if you are a freelancer you can’t quote a certain amount. Always negotiate, show the client what all you can do. The client needs you. Look at it that way. Honestly, I know a lot of us struggle with how to quote and what to quote. But hey, it is your work and you gotta make it count!

Learn to say no

Just because you freelance doesn’t mean you can take up any work or work for any client. If it is your blog and you think that kind of audience may not work for you, don’t do that post. For instance, I know travel bloggers who would review fariness creams. Why would you want to do that? Be true to youe reader. More importantly, be true to yourself.

You win some, you lose some

You may have good experiences and bad experiences. Just take the bad ones or bad clients as learning.

Focus on self-growth

Pick up one thing that you would like to work on that focuses on self-growth. For instance, I am learning a new technique of counselling to understand self and people around me better.

Dear fellow traveller, what do YOU do to lead a fulfilling life of travel? How do YOU embrace uncertainties? I would love to know your thoughts.



4 thoughts to “How to work for travel and travel for work

  • Deepika

    There are many such blogs out there offering some tips and solutions. But I found this one the most practical and offering some real life lessons. Good one Deepti!

    • Deepti Khera

      Thank you Deepika šŸ™‚ We all are users of the problem.
      About the real life lessons: Travel teaches us embrace the uncertainties šŸ™‚
      We make a conscious effort to understand what life throws at us !

  • Ankita Shreeram

    Some really honest and inspiring tips here. šŸ™‚

    • Deepti Khera

      Hey Ankita. Thanks for taking out time and reading my blog post šŸ™‚

      I honestly like the stories you cover and write! I am getting on your blog and reading the posts right away! .


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