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Everybody says birthdays have to be the perfect days for new beginnings.

My birthday was on June 7.  I had decided to come up with a new website and give my blog a fresh avatar. I had planned to launch my website, also had a draft post ready.  This, for me, was a big milestone this year and I wanted to present myself the biggest gift by introducing Nostalgic Hobo to the world.

Nostalgic Hobo: My name, my identity
Nostalgic Hobo: My name, my identity

As life would have it, this given day,  Murphy’s law,  ‘Whatever can go wrong will go wrong’, worked its wonders. In the past five years, I had never worked on my birthday. This time, I had a working birthday. A friend told me, working birthdays are good. They help you work on your goals.  However, I did not agree then.

The launch timeline got so derailed that I had to fire the guy  who was managing the website development.  He just could not understand my vision and messed it up. Another friend who actually called to wish me on my birthday, asked my plan for the day. I wanted to scream as I had reached the nadir of despair. At times like these, humour is the best friend. I ended up telling him about my situation. (as if it was one dark comedy, like life is)

He requested his friend who was a developer who actually build the website from scratch.  As fate would have it, the developer was sitting right next to my friend. I thought my birthday gift was coming to me in parts from the universe.

Finally, the website was going through finishing touches, and I messed it up while I was experimenting with adding some SEO tags. With all of this, I had lost all my data. I don’t know how. Don’t ask me that. I can only say that I am technologically challenged. I hated the fact that I could not do much about this and was dependent on someone else.

Currently, the website has gone through many ups and downs and I have to thank a lot of people who have helped me go through it! Ha-ha. This sounds like I got an award and I am standing on the stage and giving a thank-you speech.

I am excited that after literally and figuratively ripping my hair apart to get this started, the blog is live today! Yippe!!

P.S: Sometimes, birthdays don’t happen to us. We happen to them. Welcome Nostalgic Hobo! Today we are born!



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  • Maitreyi

    Yay!!! Congratulations!!! The world is your oyster!! 🙂 Lots of love!!!


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