Meeting Paris in a small town of India

When iVolunteered I lived technology free for five days. By living technology free I mean I traveled solo without using a phone, camera and internet! I do not want to tell which place I go to when I need to be with myself. However, I am always here to share my experiences and more so […]

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Solo travel without the use of technology. Yes, I did it!

Use and abuse of technology As much as I use technology, I despise it too. Our worlds are constantly dependent on a mobile phone, internet and a camera. I travelled solo without technology.   @mariascrivan Good old days without a mobile But hey! Once upon a time, I did not have a phone. I was […]

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Black-hole resorts: Pay to live technology free?

What are “black -hole” resorts A black- hole resort is a hotel which doesn’t allow the use of technology. Once you arrive at a black hole resort, you need to surrender your phone. The rooms do not have a television, internet, or a phone service. I am assuming, one cannot use a camera as a […]

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