Hobo Realises : When her world and the world of travel overlap beautifully

Travel and Explore It’s one of those days where I want to play low-key and not make any plans, a reason why I had switched off my phone for a bit. You know, in the past, this Hobo has travelled without technology and loved this experiment. I am an extrovert who loves her space and equally loves […]

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38 experiences I will create for myself in 2018
Nostalgic Hobo in Goa

We are two and half months in 2018. A few long weekends have gone by. I have made trips to Hampi, Pondicherry,(Auroville)Mysore, Bangalore and Puttaparthi. I din’t even realise I was exploring a lot of south India. I haven’t written anything about my travels lately. A lot of time was spent introspecting, creating a wishlist […]

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Reflections and learnings from 2017

If I had to sum up 2017 in one word and what I learned from the year, I would say Gratitude. The first six months of 2017 were blah for me and no word, thought, sentiment or feeling can describe what I went through.

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My eight year old tryst with voluntourisim
Everydayness for a farmer

I am feeling disappointed. I lost my memory card which had pictures from my last five months of travel. Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining, I began looking for one. This got me digging through my old pictures I had backed up eight years ago.  Nostalgia engulfed me. The pictures reminded me […]

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How to work for travel and travel for work

It has been a while I wrote on my travels, perspectives and things the road taught me. I am guilty of disappearing and it won’t be fair on my part to give any excuse. Last six months of 2016, were back to back travels filled with many new learnings. Some of them were related to […]

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