What are “black -hole” resorts

A black- hole resort is a hotel which doesn’t allow the use of technology. Once you arrive at a black hole resort, you need to surrender your phone. The rooms do not have a television, internet, or a phone service. I am assuming, one cannot use a camera as a means of technology to click. The concept is catching up in the west.

Read travel writer Pico Iyer’s article here where he talks slow travel where he talks about black-hole resorts.That’s where I came across the concept for the first time.

Would you pay to stay away from technology?

Hobo says it is a good thing to disconnect and stay away from technology. But has it come to this? Do we need to pay to stay away from the virtual world? Can we not do it ourselves? Experience the real world, minus our virtual self?
What are your thoughts on this? Since this hobo writes about India, are you aware  of a black hole resort in India? Too many questions asked in one post!

When will I travel technology free?

As I write this post, I ponder upon the umpteen times I have been dependent on technology while I travel. For instance, I navigate my way through goggle maps to reach a place. But four years ago, when I started traveling, I did not have google maps with me. Hell, I did not even have internet on my phone! But I survived. Why can’t I survive now?
There are times when I disconnect and keep my phone aside from time to time. But never have I traveled technology free.  I would love to go on a trip without a phone and write about it here soon.

Offline is the new luxury

Source: Pinterest

A time when I decided not to click

Another medium of technology I have always had with me is a camera.

And sometimes, that is the dilemma I face. To click or not to click. To enjoy the moment, or to click a picture to make memories of the moment so that I can always go back to it?

It was in 2009. I was on a photography trip from my college to Uttrakhand. It was a trip where I would be graded on my photography skills. I, otherwise love clicking pictures and was everywhere around with my camera. And there were so many pretty sights and places we were taken to. How could I not click! Jim Corbett, Sattal-where I camped in tents, Nanital, Naukuchiyatal, Kausani.
There was a beautiful sight we were taken to.  One could see the Himalayas and sunset from the snow -clapped mountains.  I was in awe of what I saw. The sky, the peak of the mountains and the gradual sunset, accompanied by the sound of silence- it was a spectacular view. I was in the moment that I made a conscious decision not to click when everybody around me was clicking. Some for grades, others for the beauty of what they saw.
When I look back at my pictures, most of them were everything other than the Himalayas or the beautiful sights I saw! And how did I fare  at photography back then?

Two of my pictures got selected for the photography exhibition. Well, almost all of us from a class the 40 had their pictures on display. But mine were not  the beautiful sights I saw. I dug out these images from my old stack of photos.

Photo exhibition picture

Photo exhibition

Dear fellow traveler, I would love to hear your thoughts on traveling without technology.  If you are planning to go on a trip without technology or have gone on one without a mobile, internet or camera, would you like to share your thoughts with me?

The hobo is waiting to hear from you.

3 thoughts to “Black-hole resorts: Pay to live technology free?

  • MetalH47K

    Disconnecting from the world makes for much more intimate experiences. Most people serious about travelling would be happy to do this without having to visit a specialised hotel. What is the world coming to. I do agree with you, I wouldn’t want to go without a camera while traveling. I recently did a Contiki trip where I had no reception outside of hotels. This made for an enjoyable experience and I could go longer without it.

  • nostalgichobo

    Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. I love it when more travelers relate to this feeling of living technology free. I would love to hear your experiences about your Contiki trip. Did you blog about it?

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