Lonely Planet brings out the best of travel in 2016. It also brings out a list of the best moustache destinations to look for in the coming year!
Well the writer said- “A well-groomed upper lip never goes out of style.” This hobo couldn’t agree more!
Any guesses which place tops the list?

It’s our own ‪#‎rajasthan‬
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To read more on the best moustache destinations in 2016 read Lonely Planet’s story here.

Well now that the gurus of travel so say, here is my tryst with moustache!

This picture was taken four years ago at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival  that happens to be in Mumbai every February.

I love the vibe of the fest and when this happened, paparazzi moment happened for the hobo!

My tryst with moustache! :P
My tryst with moustache! 😛

Do you have such memories to share?

The hobo would love to hear from you.


Nostalgic Hobo!

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