Hey there! I see you want to know more about me and this is what brings you here.

I started travelling when I was 21. Fresh out of graduation, I went for a five-week volunteering programme in a village near Pune where I worked with mentally disabled adults. I was the only Indian volunteer with people from different countries such as Germany and the Americas. I loved every bit of volunteering and travelled with a purpose.

My first solo trip with my own money happened when I was in my first job. I attended a friend’s wedding in Chennai and hopped on a state transport bus and reached Pondicherry. (I was tired of waiting for friends to join me and one day I just decided to set off)

Ever since then, there is no looking back. Back then, my full-time job in the development sector allowed me to travel. I was happy at my work and took up jobs that I liked. Life seemed good. However, since I am on a self-exploration journey, I quit my job.

How do I travel?

I am a solo- backpacker and travel on a budget. I do not have a fixed itinerary. I do not book a hotel/homestay/hostel for long. Most times, I reach my destination and ask the locals for their recommendations and then choose a place. You can read about one such experience: Here

Did I tell you I spent only Rs 500 a day for the food, stay and had one of the best experiences?

Should you travel solo?

Absolutely! Travel to empowers you. In my 6 years of travelling, I have felt safe. Going with my instinct and a bit of common sense has kept me safe. I have realised: Safety is a mindset and unless you go out there, you will never be able to overcome your fear.

There have been times when I reached a destination with no booking whatsoever and was welcomed into the homes of people. I have lived with strangers in villages and have felt safe. You can read about my experience: Here. I learned the tribal Warli art here.

Travelling with a purpose

I thrive on new experiences and I like to travel with a purpose. For me, travel is both an inward and outward journey. The inward journey requires more of self-introspection, learning through reflection. The outward journey is what I see when I am travelling.

Hence, I keep experimenting with the way I travel. On one such trip, I lived without a phone, camera and did not even have a watch! How travelling solo for five days without using technology shaped my perspectives.

I also like to volunteer while I am travelling. I think volunteering is more of unlearning than giving back to people.

Living on a train for 15 days!

As I like purpose driven travels, I was sponsored by Coca-Cola on a 15-day train journey – Jagriti Yatra, where I travelled for 8000 km in 15 days and covered 12 cities in India. I learnt about nation building through enterprise.

That apart, imagine living in a train for 15 days and I mean having a bath on a train! This by far has been one of my best travel experience. You can read about my experiences here:

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When Travel helped me restore my faith in humanity

How travelling in India helped me restore my faith in humanity

The Better India article talks about my travels and experiencing humanity in India.





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