Goa: A state of Mind

Goa is one place I love the most. I have become a Goa Baba and I do not know what Goa has done to me. I yearn to go back to Goa. The place brings out the best of people. And to do these differently, I thought to create a mind map of my trip. I do hope you enjoy reading going through the mind map and it is something new that I have come up with. Our entire itinerary is in the mind map.

From renting bikes, to getting lost, to seeing a hermit, eating different breads in Goa, watching the Goa carnival, visiting the spice plantations, attending the international photography exhibition, hitchhiking, eating vegan food, exploring beaches such as Mobor, Bettalbatium, Varca, Cabo De Rama  we experienced a lot in Goa. And there is still so much more to Goa. All of this is put up in one mind map!

A mind map to my trip to Goa!
A mind map to my trip to Goa! (Click on the image to read!)

I always thought Goa to be the most hyped tourist destination and I had decided never to visit the place! After all this hobo thinks she travels to off-beat places. But hell ya! I was wrong. There are always off-beat places in the most tourist destinations. And there is so much to Goa!

I am talking about a Goa beyond the pubs and the beaches. The one I feel in love with instantly. Notice how much I am promoting Goa!

How it all started

A friend won a lucky draw at Thomas Cook, her work place and she could pick a person to come along with her. And tada!  This is how I landed up at Goa. I choose south over north for the serenity and calmness. With no planning, not even booking a train ticket, forget flight tickets, I was all set for Goa. After all we got a free hotel stay and more than half the job was done!

At the last minute, through another friend, I got one train ticket confirmed for Goa.

Night journey, sleeper class, two women, one seat and three drunk men in our compartment! When the ticket checker came to see our ticket, we had to request a slightly high man, to get up from the floor and pass our bag. And he instead, handed me my footwear!

And my friend said- Aap Pagal ho? (Are you Mad?). It was 1 am and I burst out laughing for a good 15 minutes!

My friend was furious but she let it go!

(Thank God, I got a tatkal ticket confirmed for the return journey)

I do hope you like this new concept of my itinerary in a mind map.  I am waiting to hear your Goa story.

P:S : Watch out this space for more. Lots of more Goa stories coming up!

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