Nostalgic Hobo in Goa

We are two and half months in 2018. A few long weekends have gone by. I have made trips to Hampi, Pondicherry,(Auroville)Mysore, Bangalore and Puttaparthi. I din’t even realise I was exploring a lot of south India. I haven’t written anything about my travels lately. A lot of time was spent introspecting, creating a wishlist and making 2018 my year!

With this thought, I created a list of experiences I want to have in 2018.

I am not someone who goes by a list.  More so, because I fear I won’t be able to live up to them. In 2017, I wanted to travel to the entire coast of India. However, that seemed difficult to achieve. I narrowed it down to 30 beaches before I turned 30.  I couldn’t because of ill health.

Letting go of the what ifs, I am putting down experiences I want to make it happen for myself! More so putting my wishes out there in the Universe! Universe, show me your magic.

1) To live with a tribal family and document their stories. (I have lived with the Warli community in India, however this time I also want to weave narratives, stories and spend time with them)

2) To cycle often while travelling

3) To spend 80 hours, 4233 km(one way) and take the train from Kanyakumari to Assam. Anyone wants to join me for this?

4) To write for Matador Network. Because, why not.

5) To pursue a course in curriculum development, anthropology or psychology. Every year, I try to learn something new and upgrade my skills.

6) To write everyday. Every goddamn day!

7) To use Worldpackers or any other website and do a super cool backpackers trip out of India. Hobo goes international. I have Philippines on my mind.(But India is still first love. Always will be)

8) Support someone else who wants to travel but has no means to do so.

9) To become a TEDx speaker and talk about by journey with Endometriosis.

10 To practice gratitude daily and maintain a journal.

11) To go on a trip where all I do is read. Read more, read often.

12) Mentor a child. Look for a mentor for myself as well.

13) To donate my body organs. So what I mean is, to register myself for a donation such that when I die, some of my organs can be put to use.

14) To conduct my very own walking. tour in Mumbai. Will you participate in it?

15) To write about Mumbai and the stories of people

16) To gift a meal to a stranger.

17) To write handwritten notes, stick it up in a cafe. Leave it for other people to follow suite. To spread kindness <3

18) To reduce eating junk food.

19) To meditate more often and gradually start mediating daily.

20) To shed some kilos (The one that I almost come up with every year, but will act this time)

21) To plan my travels in advance.

22) To get married. Yes. Or to find a guy at least.  Any leads, appreciated :p Who is playing cupid?

23) To learn how to play a Hapi, because I have already brought the instrument. My first musical instrument ever!

24) To walk more often

25) Learn how to ride a bike and let go of my fear

26) To write an email to Pico Iyer, Mark Manson and Chris Guillebeau and P.Sainath. 

27) To doodle and create more zentangles.

28) To do five treks in 2018.

29) To read one new book a month.

30) To write for People’s Archive of Rural India

31) To spend more time with my family

32) To start my spiritual journey in the true sense

33) Stand outside Milind Soman’s house, cheer for him and then drool over him

34) To become more compassionate towards self and others around me

35) To travel for one month at a stretch

36) To volunteer at an NGO in Kashmir

37) To create more art

38) To go for bunjee jumping in Rishikesh

I will start small and make all of these happen.

Would love to know more about your wish-lists, goals and experiences that you want to create for yourself

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