Why you should experience stillness while you travel

Around this time last year, I was chilling in Goa. Every time the hobo thinks about the trip, she gets nostalgic! Goa, like I always say is a state of mind. There are times when I am working from my laptop but my mind is in Goa. The slow and¬† laid back life is what […]

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An overnight trip where I spent Rs 500 and spotted peacocks in Chincholi

Mixed feelings had set in already set in with this trip to the peacock town of Chincholi¬† Friend’s friend: Why do you guys have to travel like this? Why cannot you book in advance? We are wasting so much time! Friend: Ummm. We will find a place for the night. Do not worry. In her […]

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Where is home?

Where do you belong? Where is home? Whenever I travel, I am always asked this question- Where are you from? Emm… my mind always says- I am a hobo! I cannot be from just one place! Even though I am born and brought up in Mumbai and relate to being more of a Mumbaikar than […]

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What I saw as a traveller at the Kalaghoda festival in Mumbai

Perhaps, the best way to explore a city is to observe it¬†through the lens of art, theater and culture and the social movements deeply rooted in the history.¬†One such event which is synonymous to the city where I am born and brought up- Mumbai is the Kalaghoda Arts ¬†Festival¬†which takes place every year in the […]

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