How Bird-watching and spotting Flamingos in Mumbai helped me break some stereotypes.

This time when I was suprised to spot some Flamingos in Mumbai I am not a morning person. I love to see a sunrise, but would seldom get up in the morning for the same! The few times I have seen the rising sun is when I have been up all night.  Never by choice, […]

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Best Moustache destinations in 2016!

Lonely Planet brings out the best of travel in 2016. It also brings out a list of the best moustache destinations to look for in the coming year! Well the writer said- “A well-groomed upper lip never goes out of style.” This hobo couldn’t agree more! Any guesses which place tops the list? It’s our own […]

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5 travel words (beyond wanderlust) from different countries
Five travel words beyond wanderlust

I know I said I am a big fan of my country and I will write about things I love about India. But then, travel has no language and to talk about the common language of travel, I asked people from different countries who have traveled extensively to India, fallen in love with the country […]

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The irony of quitting my job for a travel fellowship, but not allowed to travel!

I quit my job for a fellowship that would have allowed me to travel. Ironically, now I cannot travel. Well not by choice, but by accident. Pun intended. You will know the pun shortly. Life is funny. Meh. Humor is the only way to deal with it.  Bah. The random ramblings. I never plan things […]

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